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Connecting people to real food through unavoidable agriculture.


821 McNelly Road, Bentonville

Farm Stand is Open! 

Our Self-Serve, Honor System Farmstand, located on the farm is the easiest way to get fresh local produce any day of the week.  We accept exact Cash, Card, or Venmo, through our self-serve check out system, making the Farmstand a contact free shopping experience.  We are continuously restocking the Farmstand with any produce not already sold through our CSA, typically Wednesdays and Fridays are when the Farmstand is most full. Thursday and Friday is when fresh bread hits the stand. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our regular posts on what produce is currently available.                 Click here for a video tutorial on shopping the farmstand.

This is us...


We are so excited to grow our farm and hospitality programs here in NWA. We encourage you to follow along as we build this farm, expand trails, host events and begin pizza nights on the farm. 

Our Story

Setting Roots in NWA 

Our family has been farming since 2009. We have raised our kids on the farm, sold at 5 different markets, built 4 farms owned 3, and designed many aspects of other farms. We have owned businesses, closed businesses, started a non-profit, and built 10 school gardens. We have worked off the farm, farmed full-time, and found joy in growing food for our community. We are taking a leap with this new farm and couldn't be more excited and terrified. 


Coming this Spring!

Events, New Projects, Workshops and More


Spring Plant Sale

March 2024

Pizza Nights on the Farm

April 2024

Events & Workshops

Summer 2024

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